Service Center - Vacuum Casting (Silicon mold)
Maximum machining size:1500×1000×1000mm

Introduction to Vacuum Casting

Rapid tooling is a low volume production method that produces parts from a Polyurethane plastic material for prototyping purposes and Q&A check.
These parts have material properties similar to production like plastics. It is possible to make these parts appear just like hard tooled plastic parts by means of surface finish, color, accuracy, and material properties.
Rapid tooling are ideal for marketing samples, test prototypes, or other situations where a few, 5-100, pieces are required but the time and money does not allow a prototype injection-molding tool to be produced.

Step1make prototyping model
Step2make silicon model Step3Vacuum
Step4Produce Silicon Model Step5mixture Step6Replication via vacuum casting 
Step7take out Step8post processing after treatment