About Us

Wuxi Easyway Models Design &Manufacturing Co., Ltd is invested by Overseas returning scholar&Wuxi productivity promotion center, positioned as a high-tech oriented company which is engaged in advanced manufacturing technology development and applications. It’s located in Wuxi National Industrial Design Park, close to the beautiful shore of Taihu Lake. The business scope is providing the service of Industrial design, Reverse engineering, Rapid prototyping and Rapid tooling, one-step new product development total solution provider and technical consult.

Easyway Models has built up a solid service bureau providing rapid new product development technology service while introducing the best advanced 3d scanner, 3d printer and rapid prototyping equipment and software. Company now is equipped with SL rapid prototyping machine, Color 3d printer machine, FDM machine, SLS machine, slh800 3D Scanner and VIVID910 3d scanner of Japan. We also assumed Wuxi city’s project of “New product rapid development on the basis of internet” in 2004, has provided world-level technology and service for different enterprises among different industries in East of China. The company has been visited by different leader from government and R&D center in different companies.